If you are new to Helium and interested in understanding what's its about ? Or interested in earning some HNT, Here are some resources to get you started.

What is Helium ? 

Basics of Hosting a Hotspot ?

Helium Explained - ELI5

What is LoRa ? LoRa Alliance - Introduction

LoRa is a low-power wide-area network protocol developed by Semtech. It is based on spread spectrum modulation techniques derived from chirp spread spectrum technology.  

Check the current Helium Network Coverage 

Download the The Helium App : Android  or  Iphone

Read more about it here at Helium's website.

Want to learn more about the community and what we are building together, Join us and others at Helium Discord

Should I buy the Nebra Indoor or Outdoor hotspot ? 

How much HNT will my hotspot earn ? 

Which Antenna should I get ?  

Hotspot placement guide

I've read enough, where can I start to  Mine HNT now ?

Where can I buy, sell or hold HNT token ? 

You can hold, send and receive HNT tokens in your Helium Hotspot app but there are a few exchanges where you can trade them. We recommend Binance US, you can create a wallet here.